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    Panhandle Hurricane Surf Possible Sun, Mon

    Looks light Gustav is headed toward texas, however the panhandle will be affected by the storm. If it continues to move on its projected path we may see some fun waves. Keep ya Posted!


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    gulf coasters are very likely to see some surf from this one. But, Hurricane Gustav is looking very dangerous at this point.

    Here is the latest forecasted track from the NHC:

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    Its looking like there is going to be a consistent high pressure staying over the state of Fl, helping to steer Gustav on its more NW track. However this storm does look like it is going to intensify and cause some serious damage. In return, the gulf should see some head high + sets coming in solid Sun, Mon, and possibly thereafter. Looking like the winds will be favorable as well. Lets keep an eye on the charts!


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    Surfline's Premium forecast is stating Sunday will be EPIC showing LARGE swell fill in saturday night and offshore winds prevail to the more westward facing beaches. If you see the yellow board with the rasta pad in the lineup, say hello!

    Pray for those who may be affected negatively by this storm.

    -Tyler David