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    mikefoxx5 Guest

    New to Jax Beach and surfing

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone on this form, I just moved from Gainesville to Jacksonville Beach. I am new to surfing and thought I would give this site a try. Donít know how the surf is here or where the best places to surf are. So if you could share a little information or maybe surf a few sets, that would be great. Thanks Mike

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    May 2006
    Lewes, DE
    hey mike,

    I'm not in your area, but I do know that you are going to see a lot of surf in the days ahead thanks to Hanna. There should be plenty of opportunity to scope out the different breaks.

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    Jacksonville Florida
    Stay away from the pier KOOK! lol JUST KIDDING!

    Defiantly will see alot of swell/surf over the next week, but be careful as you are inexperienced.I only say this because a 20 year old surfer died during our last storm Fay in Jax beach, he supposedly paddled out in on one of the 10 ft+ days and hit is head swallowed some water, and drowned.Very sad, not trying to scare you- surfing is fun, but like everything, there are always risks you should be aware of. Always surf in the vicinity of others, in case an accident happens, you will have someone there.

    Be safe and have fun.

    Get Rad.