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    Can you surf at Edisto???

    I'm from MD and usually surf Delmarva. I'm in SC and my girl's parents have a place at Edisto which we have access too. Last time I was at Edisto was during 4th of July and it seemed that there wasn't any sandbars -- just full-on shore break. With the Hanna swell headed this way, just trying to find somewhere to get in the water down that way... Thanks for any help.

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    searching for a good spot

    hey man, i'm down here at edisto too, for two more days. today i tried a spot down towards the pier and the pavilion but it was really choppy and a pretty strong sideways current. I'm still looking for a good place too so let me know if you come across one tomorrow or tuesday. I'm hoping that with the bigger waves coming in they will start to break further out. Like you said the waves break pretty close to the beach. Anyways, have fun and good luck.

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    Hey bro. Thanks for the info. I hope you found some waves... I looked all over the Island for a decent spot and only found shore break everywhere -- including at the old pier. Guess it was for the better as I didn't have a board with me... I'd hoped to have picked one up down that way but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    As I'll be heading back to Edisto in the future, I'll assume that I need to head north to Folly or south to Hunting Island to surf.

    I've heard that people have gotten Edisto good but I guess the stars need to align... Hope you had a good stay -- we left this morning.

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    hey man, i didn't respond earlier since i haven't been to edisto at all yet, but your assessment holds fairly well for folly too. after three months living in james island i've only seen a clean lineup with waves above the knee maybe twice and once was actually at isle of palms. from what i hear it's been an especially flat summer, though.

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    there was definitely some size last night at the washout. I went out from 6-7:30 and some of the sets were 1-2 ft overhead at the peak, but there were consistent chest to shoulder waves the hole time I was out. I agree with you about the folly not really being clean though, its always choppy when I go out, but the size can be there occasionally