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Thread: Favorite Music

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    heavy metal for big ish.
    rap and reggae for small chill days when i wanna flow

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    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    dude I just love to chill with my bros and listen to jack johnson and dave matthews band. theyre just so chill they just chill me out and make my bros and i get super loose.

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    August Burns Red, Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Bullet for My Valentine.....metal ect...for firing days....and Sublime, Inspector 7, Predator Dub Assassins, Dennis Brown, Richie Spice....Reggae/Ska for those you know laid back sessions.

  4. Jammz

    Deff gonna jam to something based on what the wave will be. Usually what ever I listen to before a sesh will be in my head the whole time im in the water. Pearl Jam, RHCP, Nirvana, Radiohead, it all goes.

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    house is outside rehoboth, DE (millsboro). unfortunately i can only make it there in august
    aaron carter

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    Slightly STOOPID (bump it 'ery day), Wu Tang, The Fugees, Biggie, HOVA... depends on the waves as to how amped or laid back i want to be
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    I just found this stuff the other day... go to and check out some of the tunes.... Its bluegrass hiphop

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    probably the boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcav View Post
    comeback kid!, saves the day (cant slow down), sublime
    ARE YOU SERIOUS?? yo a joke dawg. in da hood we would tear you up dawg

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadbrochill93 View Post
    i dont hate rap, but anyone who listens to it before a surf session is an idiot

    for me it depends on what kind of wave im about to surf/ bodyboard.........ASG, Valient Thorr and Rise Against for that deep dark shorepound. and like stoopid and pepper and MGMT and the expendables for clean waist-chest-shoulder stuff.

    sacrifice by the expendables is a sick song

    Why does listening to rap before a session make me an idiot? Its all about what your in the mood for and what you want to have stuck in your head while you surf. Its cool if you don't want to hear Biggie spit the stick rhymes to put you in the mood. I know I do..........Man had some skills....

    When i was a grom my brother used to do the "chicken dance" song over and over again and it would get stick in my head. Then i would start doing was contagious and incredibly annoying. It would stick in my head for hours after the sesssion too.