Went out on labor day in OC and wound up breaking my heel strap on my pair of Toobs blunt cuts. I really like those fins, and am thinking about getting another pair.

But I have seen a lot of other brands out there, such as Viper fins with neoprene liners. The shape looks similar to my toobs pair. Supposedly the viper has a better inherent fin snap producing more power with less effort. I love the power my toobs had, but they can be murder on the foot after several hours out in the water.

The crazy thing about my fins is they showed no visible signs of cracking or wear. I went to pull them on.. and snap went the heel strap. I have worn them swimming in pools.. I wonder if the chlorine caused the break down?

Another question I have is what do when the water gets cold. I wear xl fins and I tried to put my fin on over my fbomb boots.. a no go ha. So is there a fin with an adjustable strap?
Or do I wear low mil fin socks and have my feet turn into ice cubes?

Thanks.. Cap.