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Thread: Waves Suck!

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    Idk what its like. Ill surf anyway. Its supposed to begood Sunday morning though for sure.

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    I'm gonna drive down with my bro in the AM. We'll stop by our place in BB, get our gear and head out there, maybe see some of you fools in the water!

    Does Justine still lurk here? Justine, if you see this, give me a call. Havent seen you since on the beach at pipeline back in Jan 07

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    Waves are def in the water. This evening the wind shifted to offshore, maybe slighty to the south, but made some nice groomed waves. Outside sets very close to double overhead, i dont care if you looked at the water and thought it was small from the beach. Easily head high and bigger on the sets. Mostly rights lining up, with the occasional left. the forecast has been right on, just the right amount of hype.

    Happy surfing tomorrow

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    rusty's right, i went out after work at 6:15 pm on saturday night. wind swung from SW to hard variable W. Sets were definitely well overhead, pushing double, average wave height solid head high. Paddle out was a solid 15 minute ordeal, not for the weak of heart. Some stand-up barrels to be had, super fast, and some super long rights. Tomorrow morning is definitely going to be epic. Don't believe me? I'll see you tomorrow at 6:30. Surf it, believe it.

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    also, i had to work today, so i was standing there watching it the whole day...

    everyone is right, the swell sucked ...

    ...until about 3 o'clock, pm. the swell really started to pump in and by about 5:30 it was solid overhead surf, starting to clean up.

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    Went on break from work in OCMD at 530pm, checked the surf and was easily, in the 5-7 ft maybe an 8ft...checked again at 8pm and was no bigger than chest to shoulder with a good 20 mph offshores...waves in the am? The offshores seem the really be knocking it down and quick!