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    I'll put my vote in for Xcel. Every suit I have now is an Xcel. My 5/4/3 is just as comfortable as my 3/2. You won't need anything more than a 5/4 around here.

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    Dec 2007
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    I've experimented with alot of different wet suits and I will have to go with the guy above and put in my vote for Xcel. They are super stretchy, nice fit, and I made it all last winter with a 4/3 with no complaints. This year I might buy a 5/4 for the heck of it though since I like to be toasty out there. Good luck.

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    hyperflex amp....was skeptical about the price since its so much less than any other suit in the market, but daaaaaamn is that thing warm (5/4/3). very flexible too....hidden treasure in the wetsuit industry

  4. Oneill Psycho

    What is you opinion on the psycho II? It is pretty expensive but are you really paying the extra bread for a reason? I too am in the market for a new winter suit but am not sure if it is worth it. I'm deff. going to look into xcel suits now tho.

  5. Matching brands for wetsuit booties and gloves

    I have been wearing a billabong 6/4 and oneill boots and gloves for a few winters now and the seal around my wrists isn't too good. Is it good to keep all components of the winter outfit in suit(same brand) to ensure they work well together? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    psycho freak?

    i keep seeing all these adds for the freak. anyone have it? id like to know what all the hype is about. something about air insulated neoprene.

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    I'm a fan for Xcels suits. If you got some balls, a 3/2 Infiniti boots gloves and a hood will last you all winter in NJ... Its nippy but nothing you can't deal with. I've spent over two hours in the water with that combo in mid-January.

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    winter suit

    Xcel 5/4/3 is def th way to go. I have an oneil 3.2 and believe it or not the xcel 543 is not only more comforatble but i have much more mobility. Not too mention it is extremely warm. Even on days in february i find myself taking the hood down down bc it gets a little cozy. Body glove from what i hear is good too but once you go xcel you'll never go back!

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    Xcel infinities are the best suits on the market IMO. The hooded Xcel Infinity drylock suits just won SIMA wetsuit of the year.