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    OCMD saturday @ 6:00 PM

    Pretty gnarly session guys, anyone else get on it? Saw maybe 6 other guys total while my roomy and I were out there. ***** of a paddle out, took a good 10 or 15 minutes to get out, and super drifty - we drifted 30 streets in an hour and a half. Easily head-overhead, breaking big, fast, and hollow before dark. Outside sets easily 1-2' overhead. Stand-up barrels on the right waves, and some serious lines were opening up on the right wave. Winds gusting hard from variable west. Super fun session overall!! Can't wait for the am session.

    Post if you got on it, i'm tired of hearing people talk about how it was only chest-shoulder high, or head high, but they didn't paddle out...

    ...i'm not making this **** up people, it was legit.

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    I hope you avoided the numerous pylons.

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    cape it was sick!!!!!! myself and 3 of my buddies paddled out! tough and lots of power. 2morrow willl be fun with new sandbars, those offshores r really howling right now!!!

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    dude, stop lying. it was thigh-stomach at best

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    Quote Originally Posted by headrow View Post
    dude, stop lying. it was thigh-stomach at best
    yo dawg what you talkin bout. it might have died quick in VB but it was da bomb early

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    Yo Extreme*NSP*ripper4! Why you ain't out extremely ripping yo NSP diggi?

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    yea it was pretty sick saturday evening- one friend and I made it out by 7pm around 7th st jetty and punched through fairly easily to my suprise. definitely outside sets were some scary shizz-definitely anywhere from 6-10ft and fast. Hard to choose the right one we finally got just one in when it was too dark to see. Hope theres more to come!!!