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    shark attacks during hurricane swells...

    well i went down to the beach for a look earlier today (sat) with the lady. it was pouring so she stayed in the car. i was just kinda watching the sets for a while but i started thinking.
    1: why didnt i bring my board? it was like 4ft and clean, short intervals but still really manageable.
    and 2: has anyone ever been attacked by a shark during a hurricane?
    do the sharks stay away from the coast? or is it just coincidence that no one has?
    dont think too deeply into this, it was just a random thought.

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    sharks is your least problem dude.... plus they would move off shore to avoid the high surf and such

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    Yeh i was wondering about the sharks too.

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    im not worried about sharks man, hurricane or not. i was just wondering if anyone knew if they went offshore during storm systems. or if anyones been attacked during one.

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    Sharks during large storms

    From everything i've read seen about sharks they notice barometric changes(drops) and will move to deeper water...Sometime even small sharks from the breeding tributaries...I guess you are worried about bull sharks and i've never heard of an attack DURING a hurricane...Now if it's just bigger than normal that's different...But still they like to hug the outside of sandbars and a day like today I think was a little to rough for that...There weren't even any baitfish all day from what I heard from the guys fishing offshore and that's what they like.