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    Wait a allow him to post his little blabbering and incoherent "thoughts" and choice words for me, and then help HIM to understand someone else's post. But yet when I respond in an intelligent manner, putting Mr. Skittles or whoever the hell he thinks he is back into his diaper you say the thread is going to die? I guess the "open" forums aren't so open once one of the BB crew gets spanked. I guess this thread will have a whole 2 minutes to live...
    I did not call anyone out. My post was to all. I could have deleted any of the posts but let them all remain. I know Jason can stand up for himself. I only pointed out he quoted the wrong person. I just wanted everyone to get back on track.

    I was at xx St. when the person broke 2 of their 3 boards. They had been in Aus and has not broken a single board then OC claimed 2 in the matter of a few hours. It was a crazy day!
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