Without going into the gory details, this past Sunday coming back from surfing Assateague by boat, we had a minor mishap. Let's just say the first gas tank on our boat ran out at the worst possible moment and we ended up swamped on Assateague about 3/4 of a mile south of the Inlet. Total yardsale, but we were able to recover the boat and all the boards except one. It was about 1pm and there was a SE seabreeze, so none of the boards could have possibly drifted anywhere but up into the corner where the wedge is.

My friend Shawn was able to get all the boards on the beach fairly quickly except one of mine. When we went back to get it, it was gone. We looked up and down the entire beach and there was not a trace of it. It was a 6'6" rounded-pin SurfTech Bushman, Pancho Sullivan model. It had a gray bottom, white top and red rail highlights. It also had a matching track-top (gray, white w/ red highlights). The board was in great condition and was in a Ocean Earth board bag (blue top, silver bottom). Whoever took it must have seen what was going on, I mean how can you miss a 18' boat and 4 surfers washing up on the beach? There were about 6 people down toward the wedge when this happened and no one bothered to come over to help us out or bring anything back. In fact, the people dissappeared pretty quickly, which leads me to believe someone in the group snatched the board. Talk about an opportunist, pretty low if you ask me.

At any rate, if anyone sees this board on a used rack, on someone's car or in the water, please contact me at ocsurfnut{at}mchsi.com. My name's Will Smith, I've lived here in Ocean City, MD all my life (a lot of you probably know me or my brother Teddy or dad George), and I'll give a $100 reward to the person who can return this board to me, no questions asked.

Thank you all for your attention on this. See you in the water!