I'm heading down there from the Northeast to visit some family in Buckaneer land. After checking the swells in the Gulf I'm now racing down there past them to the beach. I've NEVER even stepped foot in the Gulf let alone surfed it. I don't want to blow up a spot or anything but if anyone could give me a read or some sort of info to go on that would be a lot better than what I know now which is basically a map and Swells Forecasts. My cousin, who doesn't surf, says Clearwater would be my best bet, but given the Bold and Big print on the map I suspect it'll be crowed and I don't want to add to any congestion (that's why I left Jersey So any hidden sandbars, sucken ships, or whatever that makes a good spot would be greatly appreciated...Is the Swell gonna roll up or down the FL coast past Sunday? I need info...Por favor y Pura Vida

ps...fingers crossed for all you Texans