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    ya dude are you kidding one is way south the other way north a new there can be a huge difference in conditions make new forecast for anna maria

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    I was visiting Cedar Key with my family during the last cold front swell in the gulf and there was no beach break to speak of. Its a real interesting town though, just not for surfing. I am sure that everyone except the Bradenton/Anna Maria locals would be stoked if that spot was added instead.

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    I agree that Ceder Key is a bad chose for a surf report [great for fishing ] but like so many others including myself i check around be for making the drive. Gulfster .com is are local surf site and they informed me there was no surf there. No body is perfect and i think SWELL INFO does a great job, keep up the good work. Twin Piers down in Bradenton would be a good place to report .