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    I was out in the water tuesday morning at WB,right in front of the set of twin houses on C street. The waves were pretty fun, nothing special a few guys out but not to corwded. I noticed a couple beside me, an older guy and a girl enjoying the surf. The older guy then yelled out to his younger female counter part, "the vibe here is horible". The girl then stated "I know, Its like surfing in the middle of some kind of gang".every one in the water was well in ear shot of each other. And they made it a point to make their statement heard, I just laughed it of. I took a look around and a few guys gave it a smerk,didnt pay it to much attention. I does get packed form time to time and things heat up a little. Session after session I see the same faces out there, all up and down the Wb. And i for the most part notice people i havent seen before out there, but i feel like everyone pretty much respects everyone.Ive never had a problem with anyone,I was just wondering if any one out there has experienced some of the same situations. Or caught any heat form people that dont surf the wb on the reg. Iam stuck in my cubicle for another 10 hours so i thought id share my story.
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