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    I'm just saying my particular board is looser then usual guns. and like anybody else, there are days when a thruster sounds like more fun. I was just stating the fact of what i like to use in the pocket... I think it holds up well... But to each his own...

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    im about 5,9' tall an 130 pounds an i ride my 5, 11"s squash up to a few feet over head, than i will step up to my 6.0 or a 6,4" rounded pin for better hold in the wave an barrel, an depending on the size. head high is nothing really, just ride your normal board, as long as its not a small pod or disc.

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    y7eahhhhh im a big black man

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    Wink 6'4

    im 6'4, 150, and when its head high i go get my 6'4 thruster.

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    I just got a Aviso Bessell 6' 9" Eliminator. I havent had it out in the conditions I want yet but I think it may be my best all around board ever.

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    maybe my 6'6 or 6'8 (6'8 in a wetsuit) thruster. both have slightly lower rocker than the avg shortie. I tend to side with speed more than maneuverability. i'm 6'2 - 210 lbs. i don't see how you're 6'4 150lbs. you must be a linky bastard. .... i'm jealous

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    Quote Originally Posted by windswellsucks View Post
    i love the quad, it really benefits to tune your fins tho. do you have futures or FCS?
    I have a 6'2" Stretch Quad with Future Vector II fins. They are sick so I never thought about changing them. I've been riding a 6'1" round tail Aviso board the last week and its really awesome it feels real solid in the barrel and super fast on the face. I might be better bigger like 6'4" but I definitely like it.

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    I normally use my 41 inch science board in big waves

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    some fish for thought

    Maybe you would be interested in a Kane Garden Fish. I have a 5'7" twin keel with a gaping swallow tail that is super fast. I took it out in some head high surf and it accelerates real fast as it has tons of volume.

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    You can ride pretty much anything in head high but if its really hallow and top to bottom i break out the 6 6 round pin tail thruster.