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Thread: Board selection

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    Board selection

    I'm 6'3" and 240 pounds. Anybody know of a good short board to get for my size?

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    That would depend on your skill level, where you surf, what size waves you'll be riding, and what you're riding now.

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    Dude if your new get an 8 foot at least

    Go for used and look for dings on the rails, nose, tail, and check the fins

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    i have a 7'3 and it works great in everything, plus most waves on the east coast are sloppy and mushy and there are really only a few days out of the year when its head high and perfect where you need a shortie. even so, this board is completely rideable in those orgasmic are some pics of me in TS Hanna.

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtreme*Liquidshredder View Post
    The width and the thickness are just as important as the length (thats what she said).
    right on bro. You're a pioneer. Haven't seen someone make a "she said" joke on a message board before.

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    ended up with a 7'6" fish thanks a lot

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    if you want to get urself a shortboard for when the waves are good and ur fish just isnt cutting it, LOST has a series called BGT(big guy tri) that would suit you
    the prices are very reasonable too

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