During the past few weeks the gulf has seen a lot of action and I have been having a blast, unfortunately, I have had to defend my home turf more than usual.

I have been off of work all week, surfing Ikes swell, I show up at work this weekend sun burnt and peeling with bloodshot eyes, and my coworkers want to know whats up. Im still super stoked about the last few weeks with ike and gustav so i tell them where i have been all week. Then I get the looks I am used to getting being a gulf coast surfer, "you can surf here?" yeah, you can. --thats not what bothers me, Im used to it, what bothers me is the follow up, ---I from "insert random surfable location here" and you dont know what waves are because the waves here suck and they are awesome where im from. ---, and then I say, do you surf? or have you ever surfed here? only to be answered with a no.

This has happend to me 4 times tonight while at work by 4 different people.
Even worse, my garbage man, who i have never met before in my life, saw me loading my boards into my truck thursday morning and said to me, Im from cali and your best day on the gulf is worse than our worse day on the pacific. I told him he should go out this week it would be fun and he said he would rather just not surf on the gulf. My garbage man!?!?

Does this happen to anyone else. I know that this isnt a prime surfing destination but I am proud of it, and think that it does get pretty good here sometimes. I never put down anywhere else, as a matter of fact I would love to go to some of those places.

I guess i should be happy that they dont want to surf here, its getting pretty crowded as it is, It just gets to me when people act like they are too good to surf here, espically when they have never surfed.