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Thread: cold water

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    cold water

    Whats with the 7 - 10 degree drop in ocean temp in less than 24 hours? I went out today in loch arbour and i was suprised

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    Swell direction. South swells bring upwelled waters causing extremely cold waters.

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    yeah i was out at loch arbor today when it was me and one other soul. then about an hour into it about 15 people came outta the wood work. even some old dude with a spring suit and boots catching ever ripple on his massive cadillac of a surf board. i cant wait to feb. rolls around and people get scared of the cold water

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    Fock that, my ass has went south, south, and will go west, CA, then go south again, CR. Fock that cold devil rejected water up there in the Northeast. Have fun waiting for a Hurricane or a Nor' Easter, I got my wet suit and will put it on in a couple of months but not for nothing now is too early. Jersey is too cold for me so I banish myself...I banish myself to warmer waters and more consistent waves...I head southwest my friends

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    i personally am ready for the cooler water... better waves and much less tourists. the warmth of summer has it's appeal, but the crowded mush gets old real fast for me. this sunday some asshat was standing in my line and in an attempt to get out of my way he actually dove head first into my board, give it a month and the asshats will be gone!

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    with today's wetsuits, getting cold rarely happens.