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    I was expecting to see some Redskins, and ravens fans, and definitely a little more love for philly on here..

    I think their ownership sucks and they tend to suck themselves, but this is where I'm from and they're my home team whether I like it or not.

    It's kinda like having a bad kid that makes you pick em up from juvenile hall, detention, or jail. They're still your kid no matter how bad they are and you just have to accept it.

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    i hate the cowboys so much

    how about deshawn jacksons stupid play....only in philly

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    Hhaha...and I hope with that whole sentence you're not going to turn around and say you like the Eagles?

    hahaha yes i mean i like the eagles dallas is sh!tty... we stil got 1 game to play them n thats the last game of the regular season... so wel c... il always think they suck im born n raisd 2 hate dallas n there fans so is every1 else who bleeds green ;P

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    I was hoping the Eagles would win last night. I passed out around 10:45 and I figured McNabb was on a role and had em on lockdown. I guess it went downhill from there.

    That was hilarious though when the Eagles receiver threw the ball before crossing the goal line. What an idiot. That's the cockiest thing I've ever seen in pro football. It was great they took away the TD.

    F- the cowboys.

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    Go ravens!!!!!

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    To all you COWBOY haters.....

    SUCK IT!!!!

    And yeah, can't wait for that rematch... by then, Romo will get his head outta his ass and the score will be 41-10 ---> COWBOYS!

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    Hail to the redskins

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    Quote Originally Posted by randomherochris View Post
    hail to the redskins

    hail victory!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surferboi0911 View Post
    hail victory!!!!!
    Redskins --> Perfect example of where money doesn't buy championships!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surferboi0911 View Post
    hail victory!!!!!
    Braves, on the warpath