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I'm hearing the Jaws theme loud and clear. The UM/UF game is always a classic. As a Terp fan, I'll be pulling for your Gators to knock off those ACC Ibises. When you're done, can you send some of that smoked Ibis up here? That sounds pretty tasty! I'll send you some NC BBQ or "Kill" in exchange.

I actually grew up a Dolphin fan, mostly because of Dan Marino. Of course that changed when football came back to Baltimore in 1996 - thank you, Art. I think the Dolphins could be a Wild Card this year. It's definitely a bold call, but I really believe Tannehill is the answer; at least for the short term. His stock definitely went up with the addition of Mike Wallace. I'm not saying Mike will be a TD machine, but more like a secondary magnet like Randy Moss when he was in Tennessee. It should free up some of those young receivers that Philbin has down there. Please be nice to my boy, Dannell Ellerbe. I don't think he was worth ALL of that money, but he is very talented and he is a nice addition to your defense. Reggie Bush should still be in teal - Miami definitely didn't utilize him to his max potential. He's going to blow up in Detroit.

Stone Crabs are great. Stone Crab Cake sounds even greater. Throw in some of that crippy cotton candy and we have a party!
Johnny U and the Don in Baltimore was my team before the Dolphins were born. Shula brought his magic to Miami, and I was a grateful young fan. It has gone south ever since. I have never had Stone Crab Cake, probably because Stone Crab should be eaten chilled and dipped in mustard sauce. It is sweeter than poontang. The cotton candy has given way to grapefruit, as the seasons are changing here in sunny FLA. The only thing lacking is the movement of water against the shore. It is so lake like, I think this weekend I will get all my home improvement chores done, so hopefully if we get a bump, I am free, free at last.