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Wowmassholeyourangry. This is a stark contrast to your last reply to one of my posts "Sick post brah. One of many sick posts in a sick thread." I guess there is some truth to my "slam" after all. The massive personal attack you've launched on me, ironically, is comical because your either psychic or talking straight out of your infallible ass. I think the excessive attempt to belittle me says much more about you "brah".
Just to clarify what I was feeling in my original comment; I have been riding skate boards and bmx bikes since I was 5 and surfing since I was 9. I got air regularly at a young age. I was hooked on the adrenaline high these sports gave me. Surfing in particular captured my soul. Any team sport I ever played couldn't remotely produce the same highs. I quickly lost interest on account of that not lack of athletic ability. I froth my brains out for surfing and have no time to give a sh*t about football. Standing on a football field is profoundly different then sitting in the ocean. The ocean is sacred for way heavier reasons than football is cool to watch on Sunday. Do you really need that clarification? If so I feel sorry for what your missing. I'm not saying surfing trumps other sports. If one never surfed they wouldn't know any better. Sh*t some people love running and I don't get that either. I have no issue with people enjoying what ever sport they like. I have an issue with sheeple. I love surfing the most, and I believe when we surf, we are doing something sacred. I can't say the same about football.
Unfortunately, every man isn't a carbon copy of you 2 including me. Am I supposed to feel insulted and inferior because you disagree and masshole's insult rant? I don't. Do you think I didn't realize I was stirring the pot? Do you think I didn't know some sheeple would come out of the wood work like clockwork? Do you think I realize I'm far from the majority on my comments?
Masshole, I take back make my compliments, you have a big head and ugly face.
Great post! Some people like watching football. It gives them the same thrill as going straight in the whitewash. Others like surfing the open face, getting air, performing hacks, cutbacks, floaters.

I watch football here and there but I only watch it when I can't surf. I just don't understand people where everything revolves around watching the game on Sunday. They think these players really care about them. They don't give a crap about you and don't even know who you are. Go buy a brady jersey and make worship him like a God. Then, go watch TMZ with all the other idol worshippers.