Sorry, Matt. You're out in Houston. The Texans are going to milk this injury just like the Jets and Mark Sanchez. The Chiefs with Cassel and Quinn in 2012. The Eagles with Nick Foles and Mike Vick...?

Yates will do for now. Johnny Football is already looking at homes in Houston.

The Eagles are for real as long as Shady stays healthy. Nick Foles is average at best, but more consistent and traditional than Vick. The big question is will he be able to run with Chip Kelly?

Something has to give way in the AFC Worst sooner or later. Peyton hasn't thrown for 7 touchdowns since Week 1, so he is somewhat beatable. The Cowboys should have won and the Jaguars were surprisingly keeping up at the start. Von Miller is finally back, but will he be ready for the dynamic Colt offense? Trent brings a new dimension, freeing up that strong receiving core. It will be a close one, but the Colts will take this one 33-27

Will Romo continue to get better? Don't bank on that 500 yard game yet. Romo hasn't hit 300 yet this season and he only had 170 yards last night. He's lucky that the defense/special teams rose to the occasion. Don't forget about his offensive weapons. Tony Romo is very lucky indeed.

Who is Tim Tebow?