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    carbon fiber shortboards

    are carbon fiber boards worth the money

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    i surfed on one and it felt exactly like a tuflite board ,,, and when you hit the lip all you hear is BOOOM like an ecko in the board its wierd but gains speed really really easly

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    just don't hit anything hard or there goes a lot of money

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    thanks..i broke my firewire in half while surfing hannah so idk what to get yet...guess i will chill with my retrofish until i decide

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    yea, my firewire is toast, def thinkin about getting a carbon fiber board, or mabe even one of those resin8's, all i got to ride is my lost rnf, it will do for the meantime.

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    I was interested in those boards too. From what I read they sound light, responsive, and fast. But I too wanted to hear a little feedback on them before I invested so much money.
    Njsurf14 is the only response I have seen from someone that actually rode one but was a little vague as to whether or not he/she was impressed and thought it was worth the dough.