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That is stupid saying he should quit to give someone else a shot. They have a damn shot they are on the "dream tour" all they need to do is win against the guy. Everyone whinny like little kids that don't get their way. The guy made the sport. He put it in the limelight. If you ask a randum person to name a surfer the chances are they will say Kelly Slater.

Ask me to name a golfer. I would tell you Tiger Woods...

why in the hell would the guy quit he is at the level EVERYONE on the world tour should be at. He makes very, very few mistakes and he surfs at the top of his game every heat. Plus the guy is far from a **** like most of the pros on tour. Why would you want him to leave? That is dumb.
JMD I am with you except for the SLater made the sport what it is. CURREN did bud. Curren made the current state of the matter in pro competitive surfing. Curren did. sorry to spoil you.