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    Do you like Teqoph Surfboards?

    I just got a teqoph 6'2" and took it out for the first time, only to later realize that it has a few pressure dents already. This never happened to my previous local motion 6'4". Is this just a glassing issue here? Does anyone else own one of these boards and experienced the same thing or do you have anything to say about these boards?

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    I have two bill johnsons (teqoph) and both have held up pretty damn well. The glass on the my old board (I got my first one well over a year ago - 6'4 squash) is kind of light, but my new s quad's glass is pretty damn solid, love that thing.

    Where/how did you put a hole in it - just from standing on the deck?

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    They are just pressure dings. I'm guessing it was just a knee from duckdiving. I love the way it rides though. I glad to hear a good review. I went into the purchase blind so it is always good to hear that I bought a reliable product. Thanks

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    the stealth quad is MAGIC. the glassing is a bit light but the board is much lighter than any of my previous boards. he is making a solid product imo