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Thread: Car keys

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    Mar 2008
    WB: C-street and Mase and Sweetwater and all sorts of chill places around WB. Its rad.
    me and my dad used the wheel well trick almost everyday this summer and nothing ever happened. i think that its so obvious no one thinks youll use it anymore. think about it
    but i would preferrably keep it with me.

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    The keypod, another one that attaches to your car, but doesn't need a trailer hitch. Got a lock, like a master lock, but it takes a dial with a storage area in it for your keys to be put.

    Easiest to attach it to a suspension coil, or any part of the frame that has a spot where you can loop it around.

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    Just read the above post - that's exactly what I use...I keep one locked to my tow-bar so I never worry about losing my keys (just lock them in my car and use the spare to unlock when I return). You can get them at Home Depot or Amazon for about $25 (a lot cheaper than a hitch safe and since I tow a lot works when my hitch is in use).

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    dang.... i put mine under the bumper or in the gas tank door....

    i've done that for 5 years and never had a problem.

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    I keep it on a key chain around my neck and tucked into my wet suit. its easier to get out at the end of a day than the little pocket. Most rip curl wet suits have the key pocket as well, a lot of leashes do too where it attaches to your ankle. During the warmer months i just stash it in my pocket in my shorts.

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    having a ford with the keypad is amazing. i lock the keys in the car everytime.

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    Dbiz and I bring backpacks to the beach. I just throw my keys in there along with water and food if it's going to be a marathon sesh.

    I also keep a spare attached to the car *somewhere* in case I get locked out, but I like having the backpack, especially in the winter. I keep an old jacket in there and throw it on over my wetsuit until I get to the car.

    I lock my wallet and cell phone in the car, though, if my bag gets stolen the thief will be unhappy with their "booty".

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    fecalposition Guest
    get a hide-a-key pouch and stick it under your car or inside the body/fender.
    I got a canvas one with velcro to keep it closed and it also velcros to a velcro pad stuck to my truck body

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    As mentioned above, these key locks are awesome:

    My Drylock also has a key stow, so sick

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    get keyless entry no worries ever