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Thread: should I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retrosurfvb View Post
    If everyone agrees, I would like to award jimmycraxcorn with the "angriest typer on swellinfo" award. Congrats Jimmy!
    i won, i won. thanks bro!

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    monmouth nj
    kelly i hear numba 9 is comin up.. hope u find the right spot to rent u some wax and a leash so you can win!!!!

    ha i cant believe i spent ten min reading this entire post.

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    number 9 is on the way. ive been riding with cucumber melon scented wax. its super high performance.


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    no apple crisp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmycraxcorn View Post
    i think he's been using little boy scented wax

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    I wish my local shop offered wax rental. Instead of shelling out big bucks for costly wax, I could just rent and when I'm done I could scrape it off my stick, return it and collect my security deposit.