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    Any photog tries to shoot me shreddin, I'll be givin him my O-Face.

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    Feb 2008
    dewey beach and the rehoboth hotel have a sweet break you should try those spots out, or indian river inlet, anyone of those at the right tide will be epic. Try those places first, naval jetty gets left over swells and sucks.

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    Frosty Guest

    Naval Jelly

    It's supposedly good on a big swell.... and is about the nicest beach in the Smellaware Valley, but then again, ive never been to Slaughter Beach.... If you are looking for a solid Rehoboth wave, slap a fat thigh and ride brother ride.

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    thanks everyone
    I was out there on the 14th, and there was nothing. me and my friend pretty much sat on our boards the whole time, there were no decent waves we could get up on. but hopefully we'll be out sunday