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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
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    Mexi-Feds will threaten to throw you in jail just because you have a board with you, especially if you're American. They will either arrest you or you could pay a "fine" to keep you out of jail. It's no fun when you're the outsider. I'm making plans to go to India next year.
    that sucks id tell them to jsut chase me and run over the border and tell the american feds whats going on down there. But im making plans to go next year down to puerto rico whith some friends, for like a week to two weeks. but this past summer i when i went to costa rica with the same group of friends and parents we had fun good surf which is of course cause its costa but the food was amazing and at the end of the whole trip we couldnt shut up about the best waves of the days or who had the gnarlest wipeout and so on so im pretty excited for this coming trip.

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    You're gonna tell them to chase you across the border? Obviously you have never come face to face with the Mexican military, and what do you think he just walked across the border, hopped in the ocean and paddled out? Close enough where he could just run across the border? You watch too many time post something that actually makes sense..Anyway i've surfed Costa and southern California a few times

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    I've surfed around a bit, which makes me old and cynical, but the dangerous aspect is a good question. I'd say that I felt pretty uncomfortable at times cruising through Mainland Mexico. It's fine if your staying put there, but if your driving through, you need to be pretty savvy about what your doing. Baja has been getting trickier over the years, and you don't want to attempt that without research. It's not only the military and the banditos to watch out for, but it's very easy to get lost once you've turned off the Pacific Coast Highway. It's always a great trip there if you go smart, but mainland puts me off. Also, Northern California locals. Decent surf up there, but leave your friends and your camera at home. Nor Cal etiquite dictates no more than 2 surfers descend on a spot at one time. Kooks need not apply. Hawaii can go either way. The north shore obviously has dangerous waves (nearly drowned at Backyards on a tow day), but the locals can get heavy too. Don't bring a board to the west side. The philippenes, East Timor, and Shri Lanka have bands of militias operating in the regions. These are not reasons not to go to these destinations, but you should study them before going. I'm getting long winded here, but as for easy, affordable trips. I'd say Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, east coasters love it and you won't be alone. Puerto Rico is similar but far less consistent with crap trade swells between cold fronts. These spots are common rip off areas (much theft) and generally crowded. I've always loved Australia, and Europe. Indo is unbelievable. Try to stray off the beaten path, the world is a big place, spread out. Good luck

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    Most people haven't been face to face with Mexi-Militia, and I can make a good guess that wb isn't even old enough to travel places like that on his own. Cut him some slack.

    It's always smart to do research about the place you're goin. A buddy of mine went to Russia and said that it went smoothly. Also, learn a little of the language before you go. It can go a long way.