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    where should I buy a board?

    I'm going to Spain and I plan to get a new board. Should I buy it here or in Spain. I realize that I will be charged a ridiculous amount to fly it over there, but I don't know the price difference between here and Spain. What would be the best option?

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    I've never been to Spain, but you may end up getting a better deal out there. Do some research of what kind of shops are available out there.

    Also, if you can buy a board online or direct from a dealer, then you could have them ship it out to you there - not sure if it will save you money in the long run, but just a thought.

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    excahgne rate & ESM

    when looking online don't forget the excange rate on the EURO... right now it is not as bad as it was a little while back ($100 = 69 Euro) but probbaly worth keeping an eye on and try to buy when the rate is right

    Also, ESM has a nice article in this month about some of the spots in Spain - France - Portugal

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    Thumbs down euro still strong...

    The Euro is still kickin' the dollar's feathers. So, you lose on the exchange from dollars-to-Euros. If the board here in the States costs $ 500.00, in Spain the same board will run you approx $ 675 - 700 usd, after you convert your greenbacks to Euros.

    On the other hand, the Satanic fee from the airline could be the deciding factor: if you bring a $ 500.00 board from the States, the airline will clip you for 125 usd each way / each board.

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    currency conversion

    Friday, September 26, 2008
    1 US Dollar = 0.68155 Euro
    1 Euro (EUR) = 1.46725 US Dollar (USD) is helpful for currency conversion