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Thread: Salt Drip

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    Salt Drip

    so it was really big / fun last week. i literally passed out after surfing and didnt really clear all the salt water from my nose before falling asleep. i got a sinus infection. just finished anti-biotics today and i paddled out again.. now i can feel the water up there and i cant figure out how to clear it..

    ive been sitting with my head in the "clear water from my nose" position for like twenty min and it wont come out.. i dont wanna end up in the same situation again. any suggestions

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    I have this same chronic problem. I am proned to sinus and ear infections and it mainly occurs after surfing.

    Some suggestions. If you have any issues with your ears, after every session, put some ear dry solution in your ears - buy from the pharmacy or make a homemade solution of 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 vinegar. The alcohol dries your ears and the vinegars kills bacteria.

    As for your sinus issues, a helpful thing is to use a netti pot. Essentially it is a tea pot full of warm water that you tip in one nostril and the water comes out the other. This helps clear your sinuses a bit.

    Sometimes, if you just tilt your head downward for like 5 minutes when you are done a session, you will get the water to drain out.

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    I've had the same problem for years. I have to bend over after every session and let all the water pour out of my nose. My friends always make fun of me but oh well, sinus infections are the worst! I used to wait on tables and I've had water run out of my nose talking to customers!