I surf 1-2 foot crap to 8-10 foot perfection and love every minute of it. it dont matter to me if it sucks or if its perfect. perfect is better of course but if its big and blown out, ill go out to try and get one or two big drops just for the hell of it. what pisses me off is people who snob over waves like little girls. only going out if the conditions are right, think theyre too good to surf when all the coniditions dont line up. the way i see it its the bad days that make us appreciate tho good ones. id rather be out there in head high chop paddling my ass off than doing anything else. i love the ocean and i appreciate the power and force of waves produced by a storm. I love to push myself and am always trying to get to the next level. Here in VA we dont get many good days, and most of our swell is nor easter swell of hurricane swell. which means drifty blown out days most of the time, with an occasional W wind and spitting barrels if you know where to look. most of the people i know or surf with got soo many other problems in their life due to drugs drinking bad money management etc. I can never find anyone as stoked as me when waves do come. I just recently bought a jetski to do tow surfing and for access to some really good spots such as fishermans island. Problem is i dont know anyone good enough at surfing or crazy enough to charge with me and its getting really frustrating, growing up in South Africa and being able to surf some of the best waves in the world like J-Bay and being able to travel to places like costa rica has really pushed me to seek after bigger waves, and around here in VA the only time we get big waves is during storms. Im 24 and i live in yorktown, im married to a wonderfull wife who understands surfing comes first and supports my crazy antics. If anyone feels like i feel and is frustrated with their group of loser surf buddies drop me a shout and we'll go for a surf.