so every morning when theres waves i check a few of the reports, and lately ive been having a problem because some of the reports are just dead off on a regular basis. i hate the bs they give when its flat or ankle high and they are like 'wellllll theres a little longboard wave out there' and when its really big like head - overhead+ and they dont even bother to mention that its chopped to ****.. they just say ridable. nonetheless a im grateful that there are reports for me to check.

but does anyone care to rank the reports in order of how accurate they are on average?
(or suggest a better one for me to check)

heres what i think (i guess this is particular to monmouth county, nj)

1. swell info ( always dead on and reports are changed when conditions change)
2. duke storm (os the whole good but some of the reporters are kinda kooky)
3. surfline buoy readings & cams
4. magic seaweed
5. eastern lines phone report
6. spellbinders phone report