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    andrewhudson Guest

    joel tice.. tying the knot? WHAT ?

    Yes its true.. he's popped the question and she had no reason to say no. Congratulations Joel

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    Yeah Joel!

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    She'll find out. . .

    . . .what it means to marry a truly dedicated surfer. If she's equally dedicated, it will surely last.

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    Wow. Joel you were just a little squirt a little while ago. Then you started charging. Then you started busting. Now your soemthing close to WELL DONE! HAHAHA, congrats sucka!

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    Thanks guys! O'boyle, as in Steve O'boyle. Haven't seen you in a long time. Heard you surf in NJ a lot. You should come down and we should surf together sometime.

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    jordy and i actually surfed sb and ss on the last swell. very good. we went south cuz jordy forgot his boots down there. jersey just gets bigger and better. but i love del. i'll be there all summer, as the norm. tying the knott on 7-7-07 also! peace!

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    Wow, congrats to you too then.

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    Congrats to you both, I was maried back in 2004 in Barbados to the perfect woman. She understands my passion for waves and supports me 100%. Glad you found someone along those lines Joel! See you in the water soon, if I don't get iced in again.