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Thread: thank you kyle

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    Nov 2007
    aroung 4 30 pm monmouth county went off reminded me of noel last year it was like identical

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    Sunday morning was great until the winds came...darn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iililjohnii View Post
    Well in long branch it was sucking up and closing out. It may have been better where you were
    The past couple times i went out in the last 2 weeks it has been like that, but then again it could have been the timing and what not since i have to drive back from up north. Heard it was much better south. Next time i plan on traveling that extra bit.

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    Oct 2007
    Ocean County
    I went to squan early in the morning and surfed the dawn patol in choppy overhead surf. Still great waves, just a lil hard to make it down the face. Course I went back at 6pm and it was 50 times better. No time to run home and grab my board. But thats the way surfing works, you gotta love it and kyle.

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    anyony saying this was dissapointing. you are either crazy or were surfing a horrible spot. the avon L jetty sunday late morning was easily overhead and great. so get a new spot.

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    Ocean City, Md.... no complaints here. Unless you were somewhere facing say South then I can't imagine feeling justified in "expecting more" On that note, on my way to dawn patrol for chest high sets with west winds ..............And the wind prediction JUST changed within the last 2 minutes
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