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    Bodyboard modifications- adding stringers

    Anyone ever modify their board by adding additional stringers?

    I have a Toobs bomber with one stringer, im thinking about adding two more stringers.
    I was thinking about using some fiberglass rods from an old tent, I would cut them down to length and then drll a hole from the back of the board to insert the rods. I have very long flex48 and 72 inch flexi drill bits for drilling out the board. I figure I will just drill it out a bit smaller in diameter of the rod and then insert and then seal off the hole with marine epoxy.

    I want my board faster, and I think adding two more stringers should do the trick.
    Anyone out there ever try this? My main concern is hoping that the stringer wouldnt be able to come out of the board if I get worked by a big wave, and wind up jousting me in the neck or something.

    Thanks Cap

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    Feb 2008
    doesnt sound like a good idea brudda...unless ya got a steady hand. I woulda just got a custom order board from Toobs (they offer 3 stringers). That way you dont F up your good board. I got a Mike Stewart Science MS5 thats a double stringer and that thing is sturdy as sh!t!!!

    But if you feel like doing it then do it!

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    Yeah, I have decided not to go with this, the more I thought about the more stupid it seemed.. ha!

    Yeah Im gonna just order me a nice custom board like you said.

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    I have it with a cresent tail and all rocker...I would say if your standing up don't bother it too wide...If your going a different model or brand depending on ur size...I went to a number 6 and fell in love with them..way faster then a comes in a 43.5 goliathe icon..with 2 carbon fiber stringers, triple concave bottom for like 210...solid board for a bigger guy but has a lot of speed