Excellent insights re: OBX. The way it should be.

Overcrowding = pissed off people, in the water or out of the water.

I often surf Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Shoot, you can't say boo to the local monkey boys, or you're gonna get pounded right there in the water. There's no lineup, it's 'their' point esp if you're a gringo (even if ya live there, like some of my bros), snaking is the way, and it's very much YOYO (you're on your own). Might be 6 -10 monkey boy locals out in a mob of 60 people ...but they do all the bull**** tactics & will go after you, violently, if you don't bow down.

It is what it is. I ain't no anthropologist, so no explanations forthcoming. No peace in the water there.

So I just surf it up on the second or third set waves, after they've all competed for the first wave. And nail all their women in the bars & on the beaches ...lol....