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View Poll Results: What is your favorite t shirt design?

83. You may not vote on this poll
  • design 1 - green man wave, green swellinfo

    2 2.41%
  • design 2 - green man wave, going green

    3 3.61%
  • design 3 - green man inside swellinfo text

    29 34.94%
  • design 4 - basic, green man, as seen on site

    42 50.60%
  • I dont like any of these

    10 12.05%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #21
    I'm going to have to concur and say that the one that darealm posted is the best even though I voted fro #4. I also agree with the statement that a shirt with the current web logo would be perfect. Just my $0.02 as I'm bored as hell in my home office today...

  2. #22
    I gotta go with 4. The rest are a bit flashy for me. People will ask about the 4th one, as it is more of a conversation piece and doesn't shout, "Hey, look at me, I surf!!!"

    on second thought, the darealm one is pretty awesome. Yeah i might vote for that one. Except i would get rid of the ".com" on the front of the shirt. people will get the idea without the .com.
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    i gotta go with #3...really sick. definitely will buy one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxbbdr4 View Post
    I'd like #3 if it didnt have the green guy in the wave. Looks kinda corny. Green Guy on the sleeve would be sick though.
    I agree...we need a shirt that isnt too one sided on surfers or bodyboarders. We just need a neutral shirt like cxbbdr4 said or like Darelim's T-shirt (which is pretty tight-I would buy). I voted for none of these. Instead, I would want the green guy on the sleeve with Darelim's pick.

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    I like the design and font of 3, but I also like 4 because if I was walking down the street and saw the little guy with 7 green bars it would make me feel all warm inside. lol

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    Thumbs up

    i think number 4 is awesome!! i would buy one

  7. #27
    number 4

    i'll be walking down the avenue and people will be like "who is that mysterious green renegade"