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    I ordered a longboard from isle a year and a half ago. There are ups and downs to doing business with these folks. Ups include: decent price (shipping is reasonable, too) and fast delivery (well packaged and ding-less arrival at my office in about a week). The board I got was well-shaped, paddles great and rides great.

    However, the quality of the glassing is poor. The quality of the foam blank ain't great, either. I have gotten tons of small dings where the deck and bottom layers overlap. These dings take on water like crazy, compressing the foam, and have resulted in a couple of de-lams.

    Isle's boards are made in China, which also raises some issues. Bottom line, talk to a local surf shop and get the folks there to set you up. If you are concerned with longevity of your new stick, go custom and be picky about the glassing. With money tight, you want it to last, and with the economy uncertain, do what you can to keep your local shop going. I took a risk getting my Isle. I wish now that I had just forked out a few more bucks and gotten my log locally.

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    hhmm local shaper sounds like the way to go then bc when i surff i give my board a pretty good beating with airs and snaps and stuff so thanx everybodyy and for the guy who asked i live in central jersey sry :/ im thinkin il get a custom from erie designs then theyre a good local around me i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electricbanana69 View Post
    it looks sick but we havent had the waves for it this week.
    We didn't? sunday - thursday was solid everyday. If you didn't find waves on the delmarva this week, you weren't trying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electricbanana69 View Post
    My friend and I just ordered boards from there, he got one of the anacapas and I got the Webber, both were only like $299. I wouldnt go with the long-boards from there simply because of shipping, its like $145, but $65 shipping for a a shortboard isnt bad..
    shipping for boards under 6'4" for fed-ex costs about 35 bucks for anywhere in the lower 48.
    $65 bucks seems a bit too high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    HAHAHAH...I passed all my PRAXIS tests on my first try. I'm certified in every state, including PA/NJ that has the highest scores to match. Just finished my natioanl [sic] certification last year. And spelling is only on [sic] one of the requirments in the professional essay. I teach Art, so go figure. I never write nor liked to. I am a product of the Microsoft Generation! That means spell check always has my back. SWELLINFO, can you get me some spellcheck on this forum. They are busting my balls on here! Honestly, I never won the spelling B[sic]. The kids who did never sucked a pig dog [sic]through a vw sized tube either. Anyways, you got me! I am sitting here laughing at the bye-4-buy. woops![sic]
    And who (in the name of Sarah Palin- ''You Betcha!'') actually hired you? I'd really be interested to know. And by the way, passing the Praxis doesn't automatically certify you in all the states of the Union. It's a benchmark that you have to meet, and then it's up to each individual state to certify you to teach in their state via an application to the State Board of Education. National Board Certification is a whole other hurdle to jump. Have you actually done that? As an English Lit/ Desktop Publishing/ Video Production teacher with 35 years of experience, trust me when I say, Spelling ALWAYS counts, especially when kids learn as much from what you actually do, as what you say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    Cheap usaully means just that
    i got a 6' 4" fish for 150 had it for two years and it's still in good shape... It was also a closeout sale but still real fun board for a real cheap price