Let's just say, it was my 22nd birthday on Sept. 12th and we went to Volcanic Eruptions, right outside of AC. I got brought onto stage and handcuffed to a pole while sitting on a chair. 3 strippers were all over me and next thing I knew, my pants were getting unbuckled. Well from there, they proceed to cut my boxers off while my pants were still on and then take my shirt off.

Well, all said and done, I stood up (with no shirt, pants undone with no boxers on) and BAM!!! a bucket of ice and water went right down the front of my pants. Well with all the water, my pants decided to go down as well and we all know what happens down there when ice water hits!!! Yeah, didn't give me much to prove while standing on stage naked and ice water was just down my pants! One of the funniest things ever.