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    5'7 stretch superbuzz

    5'7 x 20.65 x 2.15 Stretch surfboard. Has sk8 deck, which is concave deck and thins the rails while leaving some foam under chest. 5 fin futures with traction pad. Superbuzz is an all around daily driver and pretty much the only board needed for around here. Lot of life left, will last many more years In RI $400
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    Are you selling it or just showing us?

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    Bumping this...loved my superbuzz...great little board when paired with the stretch controllers...solid stuff!

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    LC RI
    Still 4sale, fins included?

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    Great board and good price for eps tech. Looks are deceiving. You would think this board is a groveler based on the shape. It's not. It can be used as a daily driver in just about anything.

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    Still for Sale?

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