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    hey enjoytheslide,
    thats the most intelligent thing said in this entire conversation.

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    Is it just me or am I retarded.

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    Ive had a Rip Curl classic 4/3 for over 3 years now, and it cost me about $120 with the shop discount. I think it will make it through this winter season and then i will probably buy a new one for next year. All my gear is rip curl, from my spring-suit to the booties and gloves.

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    I just read through all the post and you dont need a new wetsuit every year. We live in a place where we only surf in cold water for about 4-5 months. And i would NOT advise a $50 Sam's club special either. My friend had one last year and it was crap. Those you may need to buy every month!!!

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    Dude...about the Sam's wetsuit...all I'm saying is that it works for me-I went and got some booties too-this is a great wetsuit for the price...I'm not a name brand type of guy-its warm and loose and it does the job for someone that just wants to surf!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enjoytheslide View Post
    i pee in my suit
    That's good to know, thank you for posting.

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    Sorry mackey, for putting down the wetsuit. Im glad it works for you. I just know about that one instance. But how do you stay warm in it if its loose. A normal wetsuit should fit just snug enough (so flushing doesnt occur oftern)? Anyway, glad you stay warm.

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    I meant "loose" as in flexible...don't worry it's snug. Trust me though, if I had the money I would probably get something else...but it does the job for now.

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    So whereabouts do you surf Mackey? Im normally at Garden City, S.C

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    Sorry, Makey!!!!!