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    Since Friday, I have been watching the buoy read between 2.5 at 17 seconds and 3.5 at 17 seconds up here in North Florida. The swell is slightly out of the southeast with light winds, but the waves are merely knee high and gutless. I have seen many a swell boasting the same stats bring fun waist to chest high, clean long waves, but this swell has brought f**k all.

    I don't claim to be an Einstein, but after years of tracking swell, phenomenon like this leave me scratching my head. I've accounted for the tide and surfed during the best tidal conditions at my spots, with no wind to speak of while the buoy was reading as above, and nada. Crappy shore pound conditions.

    1. decent long period swell, check 2. offshore or nominal winds, check 3. catching incoming tide, check 4. swell direction good, check. What am I missing here?
    The ocean worketh in mysterious ways...BRAHHHH

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    I fixed that for you. Gunga Dings revenge!!
    "Gunga Ding" lol

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