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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    How would that destroy any swell?

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    My cocque destroys more swell than a wind farm ever could.

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    makes 0 difference.theres pplenty of spots in south America with oil rigs not that far from shore and the waves pump there so a few poles in the water isn't going to affect anything

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    It will kill millions of seabirds. Butt, of course, what you can't see doesn't exist. Fuggggin Maryland Democrat hyprocrites aka the aggro Left nails sh!t into the gutter again.

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    Killing one bird is too many. But millions? Seems like a bit much

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThankfulsaurusWrecks View Post
    the graft economy in full effect and spelled out

    well done

    how can I get in on that scam?
    Pump up your resume and jump on Elon Musk's team, he's pretty much on the same program lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisP View Post
    New guy knows how the game is played:. Ride the wave while you can and suck the initial $11 mil grant dry:
    I like your style, New Guy.

    Tell us more about urslef, I won't even ask you to start a new thread or provide pictures of your wife, GF or semi-hot mom. Where you surf and for how long, for starters. I don't even care if you boggy bort, but *no* SUP'ers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezyChavez View Post
    My cocque destroys more swell than a wind farm ever could.
    cocque a doodle doo

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    Maybe the hypothetical wind farm will act like a kelp bed and keep the surface choppe down so the incoming swells are more clean. But to be 100, who knows?