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  1. Custom shaped pure wire 4'11" quad futures grom surfboard

    I have a custom hand shaped surfboard that was made for a youth team rider for our brand PURE. Board is a 4'11" squash tail single to slight double concave with quad future fin boxes, front and rear traction pads, and custom art. This board is super fun to ride, easy to catch waves, but manuverable enough to start to learn advanced techniques.



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    Pure garbage....hahahahahaha!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Barry Cuda View Post
    Pure garbage....hahahahahaha!!!
    Thanks for the bump brother! Love to see some of the boards you shaped. These were cut from a blocks of EPS foam, glued stringers, no blanks.

    Here's one that we made with curved front traction deck for a kid who was trying to kick flip during that whole Volcom contest phase. Bottom channels, carbon fiber reinforced tail, all before the carbon tail patch/bottom channel that's in surf shaping today. (FYI not spamming we're not making these any longer)

    It's like craft beer. Anyone can do it, but doing it well is another thing. Having people rip your boards and having them surf well is validation enough for me. I learned a lot about board construction and performance, hydrodynamics, plus we made some money and inspired some kids.

    Guess one mans garbage is another treasure huh?

    Maybe you wanna stop being a d!ck and start inspiring some people to step out the box and shaped their own boards too!

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