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    It's a mesh bag? So if its raining my wetsuit doesn't dry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassMon2 View Post
    Really bad idea. Just flat out dumb.
    exactly. I live 10 minutes from the beach so even with this gadget strapped to the roof, wettie will still be soaking wet when i get home. so I'll dry it at home.

    If i lived far enough from the beach that this thing would actually dry it, then i'm probably not driving back a second time right away. I'll dry it at home.

    I've already got more unnecessary junk in my life than i wish i had. And most of it is still more useful than this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassMon2 View Post
    It's a mesh bag? So if its raining my wetsuit doesn't dry?
    It never rains in southern California so they didn't consider that.
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    So let me get this straight:

    I go surfing. And it's actually good enough for me to consider going out again.

    But I don't want to go out in a wet slimy wetsuit again, so I'll throw it in a mesh bag on top of my car and drive at highway speeds away from the beach for 20 minutes or so, allowing the wetsuit to be dry upon my return to the beach.

    Oh yeah bruh. BRILLIANT.

    You sound like Ho Stevie, or you're working some surf sales hype with Ho Stevie. Either way Ho Stevie is a kook, and so are you.

    You from San Diego bruh? I've forgotten more waves there than you've ever rode, and you sound like a straight up transplant. You're an embarrassment.

    Go peddle your crap for free somewhere else. For the Good vibes.

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    So this thing is gonna retail for what, like $140?

    Just buy two 3/2's in the first place and rotate them. They'll last a lot longer, too.

    The last thing the world needs is more kooky surfing accouterments.

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    Why did it take three years to tie a laundry bag to the roof of your car?

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    This thing is kooky AF. And who needs to dry a 3/2? Even hanging a 6/5/4 overnight is enough for it to be comfortably dry the next day especially if you hang it by a good vent or heater...