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Thread: TS Gert

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    TS Gert

    A depression, about to be TS Gert.

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    Very fun his morning!

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    I'm thinking we get a nice pulse in the mid-atlantic / S. NE from this on Tuesday into Wednesday! Modelings are showing swell in the 5 feet @ 12 second range in a quick burst starting Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. That could easily produce head high surf. Rhode island looks to get it GOOD wednesday! Daaamn...models are showing 6 feet at 13 seconds for the DP sesh up there.

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    I like that it slowed down a bit. Could fill in nicely and we look to have light and variable winds for the swell window.

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    i'm gonna be jealous of my neighbors to the north. lotta potential. i'm gonna try my best to get the better of what'll it dish out down here by traveling further up the coast for a DP sess

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    The formation of Tropical Storm Gert yesterday, August 13th, marks the earliest formation of the seventh named storm in the Atlantic basin since 2005. This also makes 2017 one of only four seasons to have 7 or more named storms form by that date (1936, 1995, 2005 and now, 2017). "

    1936, 1995 and 2005 were all either active (1936), or hyperactive (1995 and 2005).

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    I'm actually getting a little excited about this one. The forecast keeps getting better and better every time I see it. It's suppose to fill in pretty quickly tomorrow morning which works out great with the tide and wind. On top of that I'm taking out a new board that I haven't ridden yet. Hoping for overhead waves and nil wind. Yew!!

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    Looks like a Summer gift for Southern New England, Jersey and Long Island. Could see 12+ faces at Ruggles and overhead conditions at the beaches, with Offshore Winds on Wednesday and Thursday. Plenty of leftovers for Thursday Morning also.