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    One of my crew has a webcam on her balcony. The waves look very fun today on her cam. There are no waves in Atlanta. Not yet.

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    This one is also, unpredictable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonQ View Post
    This one is also, unpredictable.
    They all are.

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    Then, let's just say..."who's next?"

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    LARGE on the way.

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    this thing turns into a beast once it strolls up to NEngland. Getting a big score this wknd, and that forecast hasn't changed in over a week so it's GOTTA be true

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    Latest models have jose striking RI, which would all around suck for surf in NE. Victory at sea conditions. Hopefully track shifts offshore more.

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    Looks like it will be a Cat 1 about 200 mi off New Jersey on Tuesday. Strong NE winds. VAS conditions. Flooding in flood prone areas. Beach erosion. Looks like the Hook might have to close. The new normal.

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    I went out for lunch and could smell the paper mill about 8 miles north of us. That always means there's a good offshore wind blowing. The waves didn't show up last night when I checked the beach but they're coming.