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    I Rode tiger mtn in seattle a couple weeks back. I'm spending a bunch of time lately in socal for work, and a coworker lives in monument, co

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    My brothers the connection. He's lived in Wyoming for years and has competed in the circuit throughout the state's of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and I'm sure a few more. He no longer competes but still rides and builds trails. Any terrain you could imagine, he's riding.
    I went out for a couple months this spring and he took me out on a few of them. Damn near killed me. But it was fun as hell!

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    Definitely not as fun as surfing but it's still a blast. I recently moved a few hours away from the beach and picked up a full suspension Santa Cruz off CL and I am hooked. In the process of building a pump track in the back yard now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbar18 View Post
    Does anyone ride coastal NJ - in particular Allaire or around that area? Anything worthwhile?
    See my above post. Short loops, but at least you can get your ya-yas out. Check this out...

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    You can get great deals at bike shops selling rentals. I bought a specialized in 1999 for 130 bucks and still ride it all the time.

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    I don't really go all into it, but I ride my bike from Manasquan to Allaire Village, quite a few times a year, on that Edgar Felix bike path. I've also biked from Manasquan to Long Branch, mostly using the boardwalks and ocean ave. And from Manasquan to Seaside Park a few times. I only take one of those really long rides once a year, and my ass usually hurts when I ride that far haha.

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    I mountain bike nearly everyday, spend too much money on bikes, and am often recuperating from mountain bike injuries.

    My advice is just do it. all of it, cross country, downhill, dirtjumps. I rode a bunch in between swell events back east, and it was a great alternative to whining about crappy surf. I moved out to Bellingham WA a few months ago because of mountain biking, and its pretty hard to not enjoy once you get over the hump of building fitness and balls.

    White clay is not a gnarly trail system in anyway, but a co worker of mine broke his neck there, I had to call a helicopter to resucue a dude out of the Utah desert who broke 3 ribs and punctured a lung riding uphill at 1mph, I have had to drag people off trails that were too dazed to move. Its a dangerous sport anywhere you ride be safe and have fun. Unllike surfing Its a sport that people are pretty open and willing to show you the ropes, and as trail users we do a pretty good job of gaining access to good spots.

    and always rememeber no dig, no ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbar18 View Post
    Does anyone ride coastal NJ - in particular Allaire or around that area? Anything worthwhile?
    Allaire is the closest spot to my house these days (15 min drive) so I get out there with some regularity, but I vastly prefer Hartshorne if I have a bit more time (30 min or so each way). Allaire is getting more fun as I start to learn the trails and can ride faster, but it's pretty flat and for the most part the trails and intersections all look identical. It's kind of fun to get lost there for a little bit, but then it just gets boring (plus I'm only now starting to be able to go there and have any confidence that I'll be able to find my way back to the car by a certain time). Also it tends to get overgrown in summer, the ticks are horrendous, and I swear it is somehow always 10 degrees hotter and 50% more humid than it is at my house during the warm months. And dear god, the sand. I like it best on coldish winter mornings, when the ground is nice and hard, the sand is less of an issue, the bugs are mostly gone, and there's fewer people there. It's far better than not mountain biking, but it's not my favorite. There are some areas with cool jump lines and such, which is not really my thing but if you're into that it would be a lot more exciting.

    Hartshorne, comparatively, is awesome for mildly technical XC riding (prob a bit biased cause that's where I learned to ride). Only about 8-10 total miles (though there's a newish connector that allows you to link to Huber with only a couple hundred yards on roads, whereas it used to be a good half mile on the road at least), but lots of short, steep climbs and descents, fun technical features, awesome views of the Navesink river and the ocean and Sea Bright and Sandy Hook, and very distinct trails that all differ from each other (and fairly well marked and easy to navigate). Seems to be dramatically more ticks and sandy sections now than when I first started riding there 12-13 years ago, but so it goes I guess. It's still not nearly as bad as Allaire in either category. By and large it's easy enough technically to have fun on your very first ride, but there are spots and sections with plenty of aerobic and technical challenge... there's a handful of climbs and features that I'm still years away from being able to ride cleanly (I'll probably never get there... of course trails evolve and change over time anyway so it's a moving goalpost sort of situation).

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    This is all really good information. Thank you again. I'm definitely on the look out for a decent used hard tail. Stoked to try out some mountain biking. The up side to lack of consistency on the east coast is you have time for other hobbies; biking, fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, etc. See you on the trail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChavezyChavez View Post
    Marsh Creek State Park in PA is also a good place to start. It has it's challenges but it can be done by a first timer.
    Which brings us to the next step up. French Creek State Park. Also in PA. Can be very challenging. You can camp there (check the seasons) and fish there too.
    Get maps before you go. Check em out, maybe hike the trails first.
    Both parks are at most an hour from White Clay. Pump can prolly give up some other places like Blue Marsh up by Reading PA.
    MT Penn is fun. Just behind reading and offers it all. We are doing a Thanksgiving group shuttle ride on their dh trail there.