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    Wow! what an awesome idea.. The future is here finally boys... Next i want real Hoverboard Mr. Meyerhoffer. Like from Back to Future 2. Get to work!

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    Maybe there's a niche for it, maybe not.

    I'm just not sure that a considerable number of surfers exist that would prefer a 3-piece prefab surfboard when they can pay the same amount of $$$ for a 3-board quiver that would be fined tuned for a variety of conditions.

    Maybe a poor analogy, but I personally wouldn't want to fuse a Les Paul neck onto a Stratocaster body.

    But I will admit that it's a unique and unusual concept.

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    We get it Barry. Everyone and everything is stupid. Your little shtick is getting played out. Out of the very few and rare surf related topics, your response is always the same. It seems clear you'd rather just banter with the trolls.

    I don't think any of us would actually buy it. But the idea is a cool concept.
    Old lonely person waits for death and kills time on internet. The ultimate in boring moron.

  4. Shape shifter is a cool company.

    I saw a Taylor Knox board at the surfboard broker sale last year.
    Really interesting concept, if you want to switch up the tail

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    Dudes do the same thing, but with a CADD file. So in terms of "shaping," it's already been done.

    I see the advantage in travel; the disadvantage in weight and flex.